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    Tên khóa học: Airbnb: How to be a Successful Host
    Tác giả: Kevin Burns
    Mô tả về khóa học: From beginner to Superhost!
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    • Students will go from zero knowledge to making money by hosting on Airbnb.

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    I started hosting in 2015. My Airbnb units have been through typhoons, earthquakes, a major pandemic and even a flood for good measure that wiped out one of the local train lines for 6 months. In spite of this, we have consistently made a healthy profit. How many businesses could you say this about and keep a straight face? Airbnb is a great side hustle or retirement income. It can also be your fulltime career should you wish to pursue it. As well, in what other business can you meet other interesting people from all over the world.

    I have experienced many things while hosting on Airbnb from Guests making false claims to fantastic guests you would want to see again and again. From broken bones to broken tables. I literally have seen and experienced it all. You don`t have to learn on the job like I did. You can learn from my experience.

    This course will take you from a novice host to Superhost status. You will learn the basics so that you can get up and running and making money as soon as possible. I have been hosting since 2015 and have had thousands of guests from literally everywhere. Learn from my valuable experience about what to do and what not to do and how to handle the various situations that come up as an Airbnb host. Learn also, why Airbnb is simply the best platform to host your short term rental property on.

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    • Beginners who do not even have an Airbnb account yet.
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