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Tên khóa học: Google Analytics Beginner to Pro User | Hands-On Exercises
Tác giả: Travis Chow
Mô tả về khóa học: Entire Course Recorded in Late 2020 | Learn Google Analytics and Master the Customer Funnel
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[HEADING=h2]Bạn học được gì[/HEADING]
  • Starting from scratch, attain proficiency in Google Analytics for growth marketing
  • Learn the essential tool to become an analyst, product manager or online marketer
  • Online Customer Funnel and Google Analytics data model explained visually in detail
  • 10 hands-on practice exercises with demo account structured like mini business use cases
  • Professional tips from industry veteran who has used and taught Google Analytics for 9 years
  • Quickly setup Google Analytics for your own website (simple cases)
  • Access demo account for immediate hands-on learning
  • Analyze and track online audience, behavior, acquisitions and conversions
  • Walkthroughs and explanations of the most commonly used reports in the industry
  • Create custom reports from scratch to export to Excel or share with others
  • Primer for most important advanced reports including flows and cohort analysis
  • Analyze smarter with Dimensions, Metrics and Segments
  • Setup and work with goal tracking in Google Analytics
  • Basic setup and administration for sole proprietor running an online business
  • Review of the 35 most important terms and concepts in Google Analytics
[HEADING=h2]Yêu cầu bắt buộc[/HEADING]
There are no pre-requisites or requirements for this course.
[HEADING=h2]Thông tin chi tiết[/HEADING]
This course will get a complete beginner using Google Analytics proficiently. This includes setting up, using and customizing reports, tracking user behavior and understanding the customer funnel. Adapted from 9 years of corporate training, this class focuses on building a foundation for its students.

Recorded in late 2020
Entire course produced and recorded in late 2020 to cover the most recent big release of Google Analytics 4 in October 2020.

Highly Rated Instructor
I am a 4.5 rated instructor on Udemy specializing in teaching analytics software. Read some of my 5-star reviews.

Many Hands On Exercises with Demo Account
This course is packed with hands-on exercise for a ready-to-go demo account. Each important concept is immediately followed up with an exercise to practice with. The exercises are modeled as case studies from real world business situations.

Learn from an Industry Veteran
The instructor adapted a very successful training program for marketers and analysts inside tech startups and tech companies to make this course. The instructor himself has used and taught Google Analytics for 9 years for giant tech companies as well as tech startups.

Start Mastering the Most Important Tool
Take this course to learn and proficiently use the most important tool in online marketing and e-commerce. Google Analytics is a very powerful tool, allowing a complete beginner to track and grow online stores, apps and websites. It is essential for growth in any online business.

Packed with Professional Tips
Every walkthrough has professional tips gained from years of experience using Google Analytics.
Some of the topics that will be covered in this course:
· Create an Account
· Access Demo Account for Practice
· Install Tracking Code
· Types of Users and Different Learning Tracks
· Walkthrough of Concepts for Newbies
· Data Model in Google Analytics
· The Online Customer Funnel
· 35 Terms and Concepts You Must Know
· 5-Step Process for Using Reports
· Navigate and Find the Best Report for Different Situations
· Complete Breakdown of How Reporting Works
· Dive into the Most Commonly Used Reports
· How to Use Advance Reports
· Save, Export, Share and Edit Reports
· Understand and Use Dimensions vs Metrics
· Understand Segments and Best Way to Use Them
· Overview of Dashboards
· Setting Up Simple Goals
· Events vs Tags
· Audience Reporting
· Behavior Reporting
· Acquisitions Reporting
· Conversion Reporting
· Cohort Analysis
· Users Flow
· Ecommerce
· Creating Explorer Custom Reports
· Creating Flat Table Custom Reports
· Custom Email Alerts and Delivery
· Sharing to Others
· Basic administrative tasks

You will also get the following:
Lifetime Access to All Future Updates
Lifetime Access to Q&A with the instructor
A 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!
[HEADING=h2]Ai nên học khóa này[/HEADING]
  • Marketing professional who needs to be proficient with Google Analytics
  • A data analyst who needs to learn online marketing and Google Analytics
  • Anyone who has to understand their users to grow an online business
  • Job interviewers who need a refresher

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