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    Tên khóa học: How To Make a Viral WordPress Blog and Ecommerce Website
    Tác giả: RANA SINGH
    Mô tả về khóa học: Viral WordPress Blog & Ecommerce Website
    Link khóa học: https://www.udemy.com/course/how-to-make-a-viral-wordpress-blog-ecommerce-website/
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    Bạn học được gì

    • You will learn how to install WordPress
    • How to install ssl certificate
    • How to install Premium Wordpress Themes
    • You will learn how to setting up & customize blog
    • You will learn how to Integrate social media on your Ecommerce website and blog
    • how to setup online store that sells physical products

    Yêu cầu bắt buộc

    • Computer with internet connection
    • Zero knowledge of coding
    • No Experience Required

    Thông tin chi tiết

    In this online course i will teach you how to make viral WordPress blog and eCommerce website so that you can take your business online and you can monetize you blog with google adsense.
    Why build an eCommerce website and viral blog?
    Whether you are interested in starting a new online business or you want to expend your existing business online. An eCommerce website can be the most profitable venture for your business. It does not matter Whether you have a small shop or even if you have a big store. You can take your business online. With blog you can monetize you content writing so that you can generate extra revenue.
    There are two section in this course.
    Section 1: Introduction
    Section 2: How to make your own viral WordPress blog and eCommerce website.
    Enroll and let's get started

    Ai nên học khóa này

    • Anyone who wants to expand their business online
    • Students who want to learn about WooCommerce
    • Individuals who want to learn how to crate WordPress blog and Ecommerce website
    • Beginner Level Students
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