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    Tên khóa học: Reverse Engineering and Memory Hacking with Cheat Engine
    Tác giả: Paul Chin
    Mô tả về khóa học: Learn how to reverse engineer and hack the memory of programs running on Windows
    Link khóa học:
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    Bạn học được gì

    • Debug programs with Cheat Engine
    • Reverse engineer programs
    • Solve CrackMe challenges
    • Disassemble programs into assembly code
    • Setting breakpoints and stepping through code
    • Modify program behaviour
    • Hacking and patching process memory
    • Code Injection
    • Writing Trainers (Loaders)
    • Lua Scripting to hack memory
    • Assembly scripting to do byte patching
    • and more...

    Yêu cầu bắt buộc

    • Windows PC
    • Some Assembly or Lua background would help, but not mandatory

    Thông tin chi tiết

    If you had always wanted to learn how use hack a program's memory, to reverse engineer and debug software, then this is the course for you.This course is an introduction to Reverse Engineering for anyone who wants to get started in this field. It is suitable for software developers who want to learn how software works internally and also for reverse engineers who want to fix bugs where the source code is not available. Traditionally, we use tools like x64dbg, OllyDbg for reverse engineering and debugging. Howevever, those tools have their limitations as they rely on file patching to modify program behaviour. But what if the files could not be patched. Here Cheat Engine shines. Cheat Engine is a memory hacking tool. It is used by Gamers to hack games in order to cheat. Cheat Engine's main strength is its memory scanning, code injection, or process patching. This course will equip you with the knowledge and skill to use Cheat Engine in addition to whatever other tools you might already be familiar. It is also suitable for absolute beginners with no knowledge of reversing, as I will take you from zero to hero.

    In this course we will learn Cheat Engine by hacking CrackMe challenges. A CrackMe is a small program designed to test a programmer's reverse engineering skills.

    What you will learn

    • How to disassemble programs into assembly code
    • Dynamic Analysis
    • Setting breakpoints and stepping through code
    • Modify program behaviour
    • Patching process memory
    • Locating address to do memory patching
    • Writing custom Memory Hackers (trainers) using Cheat Engine to hack and patch memory
    • Creating Lua Scripts for process patching
    • Break and Trace
    • Cone Injection
    • Direct Memory Patching
    • and more...

    Knowledge of Assembly would be helpful but not compulsory
    Windows PC

    Ai nên học khóa này

    • Beginners to Reverse Engineering
    • Game Hackers who want to try their hand at hacking windows programs
    • Programmers with want to learn debugging
    • Students who want to know how programs work internally
    • Anyone interested in learning how to hack and patch process memory

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