Windscribe VPN 30 GB/month for 1 year (for old and new accounts)⁠⁠


Max Ping!!!
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    💁🏻‍♂️ Windscribe VPN is a Canadian VPN service that provides excellent value for money, it has both Premium (paid) and free VPN type, after registering and entering the promo code » you get a paid plan of 30 GB / month for 1 year.
    You don't need to register a new account, just log in to your existing account and enter your voucher.
    └ If the new promo code does not work, then here are the old promo codes for new users: FREEIRAN or 50GBFREE
    🤷🏻‍♂️ WHAT TO DO:
    1. Open » Windscribe VPN.
    └ Login/Register
    2. Enter voucher: IRANONLY.
    └ Confirm mail
    3. Done, use it.

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    Max Ping!!!
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    Fuchsia Friday is Back!

    Fuchsia Friday Sale
    Windscribe Pro For $29!

    We Thanksgive a little differently up here in Canada. First, all Canadians gather outside of their igloos with our children dressed in three piece sealskin suits, and our beavers lined up next to one another, saluting. Then we yell “thank you!” in unison until the condensation from our collective breath rises into the heavens forming a moose-shaped cloud to protect us from the Canadian sun’s powerful UV rays. If we don’t do this yearly, Canada’s skin cancer rates would skyrocket, overwhelming our healthcare system. And that would mean no more free cheese platters in our hospital waiting rooms. Unacceptable!

    Canadians also celebrate Black Friday a little differently. We call it Fuchsia Friday, since the original Black Friday is actually the anniversary of the cancellation of our greatest aeronautical achievement - the jet plane known as the Avro Arrow (yes, really). Over time, Fuchsia Friday became the most important holiday Canadians celebrate, as it’s the only day that maple syrup can legally go on sale. This year is no different, and Windscribe is pleased to announce our own sale… the greatest VPN sale of the year. 1 Year of Windscribe Pro for $29! But hurry, this price will only last until December 1st!

    That’s less than 8 cents a day for full blown internet privacy! Want to look at nude diagrams of humans without your government finding out? Windscribe is here for you! Want to search up the best way to make ice cream from dolphin milk without anyone knowing? Quick question... why? But also, Windscribe is here for you! Have a government that censors your communication? Use Windscribe to tell your best friend you dislike the Ayatollah's beard without the Iranian secret police finding out!

    Get 1 Year of Windscribe Pro for $29
    In any event, all of us at Windscribe want to wish you and your families a happy Thanksgiving. And just in case you ran out of things to be thankful for, here are some ideas. This year Windscribe is thankful for:

    • Our team (we love them so much)
    • You, our users (you!)
    • Not having to witness the orgies that happened at the FTX Exchange’s Bahamas office (thank you, thank you, a million times thank you)
    With Love,

    Team Windscribe

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