Udemy Zapier Marketing Automation for Beginners in 2021


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Tên khóa học: Zapier Marketing Automation for Beginners in 2021
Tác giả: Kanishka Kumar
Mô tả về khóa học: Learn step-by-step Zapier Marketing Automation tool. Concepts explained in a simple way with practical demo included.
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[HEADING=h2]Bạn học được gì[/HEADING]
  • Get introduced to Marketing Automation concepts
  • Get introduced to the Zapier Marketing Automation Tool and why it is important now to learn this tool
  • Understand Zapier Pricing Plans
  • Learn about some reputed apps that integrate with Zapier
  • Understand the concept of Webbooks in simple terms
  • See a practical demo on how to create a single stage and multistage Zap
  • Understand the limitations of the Zapier FREE Plan
[HEADING=h2]Yêu cầu bắt buộc[/HEADING]
  • Basic knowledge in Marketing
[HEADING=h2]Thông tin chi tiết[/HEADING]
Welcome to this Zapier Marketing Automation Course for Beginners in 2021.

This online course will introduce you to the concept of Marketing Automation via introduction to the Zapier Tool. Zapier is an award wining and revolutionary tool in the marketing automation space. Zapier helps you to quickly link the most commonly used web applications, making repetitive tasks simple to automate. It helps you to build automated tasks between different applications or the same ones. With Zapier, by creating automatic actions called Zaps, you can connect apps to speed up your lead generation process.

This latest and updated course trains you on the latest features within Zapier in 2021.

Who this course is for:

Marketers just starting off in marketing automation

Marketers who want to learn new skills and automate their lead generation process

Mid-career professionals who seek to break into a marketing automation career

College Grads who are interested to start their Marketing Automation career.

Senior marketers wishing to further develop their knowledge.

Jobseekers wishing to upskill in Marketing Automation and make themselves job market ready as the industry now speeds up hiring professionals knowing marketing automation technology.

Remember , this Zapier marketing automation course will help you grow your business & save time in 2021.

In this course Kanishka has covered basic concepts and then proceeded in a step-by-step manner to more advanced concepts and have shown you practical demos on building single-stage Zaps , Multi-stage Zap and connecting Zapier to an email marketing system to automate your lead generation and nurturing process.

In summary, in this Zapier marketing automation course, Kanishka has shown you how to set up an automation system like Zapier inside your business , so you can just focus on creating amazing marketing strategy to grow your business while Zapier takes care of the rest.
[HEADING=h2]Ai nên học khóa này[/HEADING]
  • Beginners
  • College Grads interested to kickstart their career in Marketing Automation
  • Small and Medium Scale Business Owners interested to explore Marketing Automation options to scale their lead generations
  • MBA - Marketing specialization students
  • Mid-Career marketing executives interested to learn Zapier Marketing Automation and implement in their organization

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